Our Vision:

“To provide state of the art real-time order fulfillment solutions. To strive to meet or exceed customer expectations while ensuring we always safeguard your principal confidentiality.”

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    S&V Industries

    S&V Industries offers a diverse range of engineering and polymeric products that typically cover 80% of an OEM’s raw material requirements. Our strengths are a very experienced sales force and customer service teams, with the in house supply chain management capability to deliver your products to any location on a just in time basis. [Read more…]

    S&V Consulting

    S&V Consulting is an engineering service provider in the CAD / CAE domain.  Our engineering services group will problem solve and optimize casting designs by utilizing a proven combination of domain knowledge and state of the art software.

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    S&V Warehousing

    S&V Warehousing provides state of the art warehousing, distribution and JIT services at globally competitive prices, in a clean and secure environment.  Our goal is to meet or exceed customer service expectations while ensuring we always safeguard the integrity of customer product. [Read More…]

    Contact Us

    S&V Industries, Inc.

    5054 Paramount Blvd.
    Medina, Ohio 44256

    Phone: 330-666-1986
    Fax: 330-239-0642

    USA Operations: usa@svindustries.com
    India Operationsindia@svindustries.com